An ecosystem of medium-sized, well-interconnected cities, where 4000 global companies from more than 80 countries have established their platforms for production, with the automotive, aerospace, food and agribusiness sectors standing out.

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Bajio Automotive

Bajio Aerospace

Food and Agribusiness



En la zona del Bajío se encuentra el nodo férreo y vial del país, bien conectado con los principales puertos del Pacífico y del Atlántico. Además la región cuenta con 4 aeropuertos internacionales y 3 aduanas interiores. Esto propició el proyecto logístico SMART PORT to connect goods arriving from Asia to the eastern United States.

Bajio is one of the most important multimodal logistics corridors in the world. Receiving goods from the main Asian and European ports to transform and supply North America by rail.

Today, the region has a large industrial belt with more than 146 specialised industrial parkswhich amount to more than 17 million square metres built.

Bajio Automotive

The region is home to the assembly plants of 10 brands, including the world's most modern plant of the german company BMW.

It also has the most complete supply chain in Latin America, where it manufactures engines, transmissions, bodywork, panels, batteries, electronic components, etc.

1st exporter of Latin America.
4th largest exporter worldwide.

Bajio Aerospace

The Bajío is positioned as one of the top 10 regions in the world for aeronautical investment with more than 80 companies.

Querétaro is the leading state of Mexico.


  • Bombardier
  • Helicopter
  • Eurocpter
  • IK Aerospace


  • Aeronnova
  • GE Aeronautic

Food and Agribusiness

From the Bajío, 163 products are exported to 59 destinations worldwide, with a strong agricultural production,
poultry, pig and fur production, being the most dynamic in the country.

The region accounts for 1 out of every 4 dollars of exported products.

It is also home to numerous multinational food companies. Guanajuato is home to the world's largest DANONE production plant.


Accelerated industrialisation brought with it the greatest population growth in the country due to migration from other regions of Mexico and from various countries.

This has given rise to all kinds of needs: real estate, education, hospitality, commerce, gastronomy, hotels, etc.

Querétaro, the fastest-growing real estate in the country.

Guanajuato, the main destination for inland tourism in the country.

Regional Alliance

Recently, the Bajío and Jalisco states have formed the Bajío-West Central Alliance, which represents a region with 18.5 million people and a GDP similar to that of Mexico City, or the size of Peru's economy, but with an accelerated growth rate.

Within this Alliance, joint economic development policies and the promotion of synergies will be carried out to make regional projects of common interest viable in the coming years.


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